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                    Dean.Smith(迪安.史密斯)—英国DJK音响品牌创始人之一, 1910年出生于工业发达的英国中西部一贵族家庭。Dean.Smith(迪安.史密斯)对电声技术有一种特别的痴迷,他时常沉浸于自己的音乐世界里。

                     1950年Dean.Smith(迪安.史密斯)于一次偶然的机会中遇到了电声技术界的天才—Jason.Roderick杰森.罗得里克,Jason.Roderick 杰森.罗得里克更是对电声传播技术有着过人的天份和独到见解,两人志趣相投,于是创立了DJK音响工作室。工作室以两人名字取名为—DJK,蕴含了他们创立的音响品牌要成为音响行业中的高贵王子。他们是完美主义者,为了让更多的人能享受到音乐之美,他们追求细节,精益求精,使完美声音的理念在产品中完全表现出来,然而,完美的声音需要高昂的费用来创造,他们费尽心神的努力最终得到了大众的支持........


                  Dean.Smith (Dean Smith) - one of the UK's DJK audio brand founder, was born in 1910 in the western industrial developed a noble family. Dean.Smith (Dean Smith) has a special fascination with electro acoustic technology, he often immersed in their own world of music.
                  In 1950 Dean.Smith (Dean Smith) in a chance encounter electro acoustic technology genius - Jason.Roderick Jason and Jason.Roderick Jason. Rick. Rick, he is a great talent and unique insights on the acoustic communication technology, two phase investment interests, so the creation of DJK audio studio. Studio two was called DJK, which they created a sound brand to become the audio industry in the noble prince. They are perfectionists, in order to allow more people to enjoy the beauty of music, the pursuit of excellence, so that their details, perfect sound concept is fully reflected in the products, however, the perfect sound high costs required to create, they have the mind to eventually get public support........
                  In 2002, the British DJK sound began to get involved in the Chinese market, sales performance exceeded expectations. In 2003 the British headquarters decided to push into the Chinese market, and the advanced technology of modern production base located in the heart of China electro acoustic technology - Guangzhou. Panyu, Guangzhou. It makes full use of the electro acoustic technology personnel and labor and other resource rich Panyu local traffic network, the achievements of today's DJK. The UK headquarters also will be DJK in the Asia Pacific region held in Guangzhou  authorized agent Le Xin audio equipment co.,LTD.
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